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We are a small and highly skilled mobile app development company headquarted in downtown San Antonio, Texas.

Why You Want a Mobile App

Mobile devices are more popular than TV and 92% of time spent on mobile is in an app, not the browser.

How We Make Apps

How we make mobile applications

Over the years we've learned a great deal about what makes a good app; it always involves a tight integration of how it looks and how it works. We'd love to build the experience you desire as we have for others. Here’s how we do it:

You Have an App Idea

Everyone has an idea for an app at some point or another. For some they simply remain ideas, yet for others they develop into more than an idea. They grow, they transform, and they inspire! When you are ready to develop your idea into an actual design, prototype or app it is time to talk with us.

An App Idea
Rand Office Building

We Meet, Discuss, and Evaluate

Once you've contacted us, we'll send you a simple questionnaire to fill out before we meet. Meeting will help us get on the same page, understand your idea, and allow us get to know each other. After meeting we'll both have a pretty good idea if we are a good fit for each other and if we can make your idea come to life.

Blueprint Drawings and Discovery

Once we decide we want to work together is when the work really begins. Until now we typically have a bulleted list of features you'd like to have in the app yet not enough detail to determine how much it'll cost nor which features you could live without. At a fixed cost to you, we create drawings and sketches outlining all of the details and screens needed to determine scope and cost of the project. We also do additional discovery on the more risky or unknown features to make sure they are doable. The blueprint process will further our relationship and allow us to get a true feel of how we'll work together.

Kazam App BluePrint
Spelling Pro Prototypes

Design and Prototype

After blueprints and pricing are agreed upon, we begin one of the most important parts of the development process. For every $1 to fix a problem during design, it would cost $5 to fix the same problem during development, and it would cost $30 to fix the same problem after the product's release.[1] Designing and prototyping is the best time to improve the user experience and make sure your product is easy to use. Your design and prototype can make or break your app. It'll be what you first show your friends, investors, and early adopters. It needs to be excellent and well thought out and not merely something put together with little thought nor expertise. Ofttimes a prototype is a sufficient enough product to know whether to move forward or not.

Develop, Test, and Release

Development is often the longest and most costly phase of app creation. This is why it is so important to make sure your design and planning is done well. Just as good user experience design will deeply affect the quality of the initial app version so will good software architecture and software design affect the future app versions and maintainability. Future software changes after release to users often cost 6x more than during development so it is important to make sure the code is clean, organized, and prepared for upcoming features.

FlySwatAR Test App
Repeat/Improve App Idea


When creating an app we encourage our clients to focus on the must have features and to get them right the first time. Upon initial success, we can begin to add the nice-to-haves and then repeat this process again in an iterative fashion.

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Our team specializes in mobile app design and development for iOS and Android.

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